Catechism XML

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 05:04


C3ML (Catechism of the Catholic Church Markup Language) is a XML for the Catechism. There is already a XML for scripture, why not for the Catechism? One version has already been created: C3ML. You can learn more here.


The Catechism is the key official document that spans Catholic theology. C3ML would provide the Standard upon which powerful computer applications would be able to provide superior sharing, accessibility, linking and referencing of catechetical resources. C3ML as a standard would provide a common means of sharing these resources across disparate groups in the Church.

A Catechism XML would provide an organisational principle that can categorise other Catholic documents. This would be a key component in a Catholic namespace. As an international standard, resources in different languages would be commonly linked and therefore available.


  • Interoperability Church related documents will be able to be shared through the developing technologies and portals being created as well as across languages.
  • Accessibility Document searches will be far more accurate and will have very little erroneous material.
  • Linking Relationships between documents will be clearer and thus allowing for better navigation. Navigation will be able to follow the ideas within the documents with greater accuracy, rather than trying to find related documents and then having to find the ideas within a document.
  • Reference Any document that refers to a particular Catechism paragraph can be found and only those documents will be listed.
  • Integration Allow integration in new technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Representation Tools.