Cathnet is a new initiative to develop Catholic Open Source technologies. There are currently two projects.


Opencatechesis is about developing a free online faith formation course. This is being developed using Drupal at It is being developed using the website as a proof of concept, but also being used for youth faith formation. The 'space' where it is housed on the site is able to be exported and imported onto other websites running drupal and open atrium. Find out more about opencatchesis here.

Catechism XML

This is an older project that is starting to come out of being mothballed for a while, yet it is just as relevant as ever. Basically it is developing an extensible markup of the Catechism that can be machine readable and therefore computer readable. It will foster improvements in searching, analysis, natural language programming and AI. Find out more here.

Short Sprint/ Information Day POSTPONED!

The first meeting would have been on Sat 21 Jan 2017, but found out the Melbourne Drupal Meetup is on at the same time, so I'll go to that.